Kuwait German Holding Company

Kuwait German Holding Company KSCC (“KGH”) is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company incorporated in April 2006 with the following objects:

  • Owning shares in Kuwait and non-Kuwaiti shareholding companies, and owning shares in Kuwaiti and non-Kuwait limited liability companies
  • Owning industrial equities such as patents, trademarks, and royalties
  • Investing excess funds available in financial portfolios managed by the professional investment manager
  • KGH is active in various investment sectors and is the largest shareholder in Weinig International AG-Germany
  • KGH holds four subsidiary companies active in the industrial and financial sectors
  • KGH paid in capital amounted to 193mn USD
  • KGH is the parent company of Weinig International A.G Company holding 52% of the company share capital